5-minute deployments and 10-minute workflows in partnership with AWS

Time-consuming deployments of INfuse Platform are a thing of the past with P3iD’s 5-minute Alaris INfuse AWS-hosted services.

With our AWS Marketplace offering for INfuse Platform, organizations can have fully functional network document scanning solutions setup in just minutes; literally!

Deploy INfuse Platform with ease in minutes!

Get a production Kodak Alaris INfuse Smart Scanning system up and running in just minutes using P3iD’s pre-staged Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployment model.

Current AWS customers can even operate a fully functional INfuse platform in their own environment or can choose to have P3iD operate INfuse as a professionally managed service so you never have to worry about having staff manage your infrastructure updates.

Get Kodak Alaris AX document scanners now

We offer several easy and efficient ways for you to get Kodak Alaris AX document scanners should you not already have them including through the P3iD trusted network of integration partners as a purchase, subscription or loaner depending on your specific needs.

Get Kodak Alaris AX network document scanners now

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P3iD AWS-hosted Kodak Alaris INfuse Smart network document scanning solutions offer organizations incredible opportunities

P3iD and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have partnered to make deploying simple, device operation highly functional and scanner management very efficienct, by making these useful technologies delivered as pre-configured cloud subscription serviecs.

What is the Kodak Alaris INfuse solution?

The Kodak Alaris INfuse Smart Scanning solution is a combination of network-attached document scanners and platform software from Kodak Alaris plus services and integrated software from P3iD Technologies.

Who is the right type of customer for INfuse?

Kodak Alaris INfuse is not a consumer type product. INfuse is for organizations from tens of employees to thousands of employees which want to improve their business workflow as it relates to processing paperwork.

What are the benefits of a network scanning solution?

Network document scanning solutions offer many benefits over USB-attached scanners for many reasons including better total cost of ownership with no PC required, quicker return on investment because of quick deployments and drastically reduced labor or maintenance expenses because of centralized device management.

What is the value of these P3iD services?

While the Kodak Alaris INfuse software is certainly a useful tool, the truth is there is a significant learning curve to install, configure and maintaing this system to provide optimal up-time. P3iD services allow organizations to quickly deploy and utilize these value capabilities for a great return on investment for your Kodak Alaris INfuse smart document scanning solution.

Are there add-on capabilities for Kodak Alaris INfuse?

Yes, the Alaris INfuse API allows for  third-party software integrations which include secure authentication, OCR, robotic process automation, workflow, encryption and connectivity with a whole variety of business applications.

How do I become a P3iD-INfuse solutions partner?

At P3iD we are always interested in adding strategic partners to our ever-growing ecosystem. Just simply visit our partner page to send us a note and we will contact you for next steps.

Need an AWS account? No problem

Getting started with cloud services might sound like a daunting task, but using the AWS Free Tier offering, in conjunction with P3iD’s 30-day Marketplace trials, you can test drive the P3iD integrated-INfuse network scanning solutions simply and easily.

Got an account? Go to Marketplace.

The P3iD Marketplace offers 10-Scanner and INfuse package bundles as well as many INfuse enhancements as subscription services for quick and easy deployment.

Start now to improve your document automation

5-minute deployments and 10-minute network document scanning workflow solutions made easy