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Kodak Alaris INfuse AX Scanner Components

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1. Input tray — the input tray holds up to 80 pages of A4 80 g/m paper and can be extended to accommodate pages up to legal size (14 inches/355.6 mm). In long document mode it will accept pages up to 118 inches/3 m. (Long documents need additional support to hold them up so they don’t droop off the back of the input tray. 

2. Side guides — the side guides can be moved in and out to accommodate the size of pages you are scanning. Side guides may be locked in place for letter size or A4 size paper. 

3. Gap release — allows you to manually adjust the space between the feed roller and separation roller for pages that require special handling (e.g. thick paper, envelopes, hard cards). When using the gap release, pull the gap release out to feed special pages. When finished, push the gap release back in place.

4. Scanner cover — when opened, provides access to internal components such as the imaging area and the feed and separation rollers.

5. End Stop — can be lifted up when scanning, for better stacking of output pages.

6. Output tray — collects the scanned pages. The output tray can be pulled out and extended to accommodate pages up to 35.56 cm (14 inches) in length. For longer pages, keep the end stop down.

7. Scanner cover release lever — opens the scanner to allow access to the paper path for cleaning or for clearing a document jam.

8. ID card positioning — for scanning one small card (such as US driver’s license or other credit card sized ID cards) in landscape orientation. 

9. Power button — touch this button to turn the scanner on or off. The power button is lighted when the scanner is powered on. The lighted button blinks when a situation requires your attention: for
example, to close the scanner cover. It blinks more slowly when the scanner is in low power mode.

10. i button — takes you to a display of scanner information.

11. X button — this multi-function button can End or Pause a scanning job or Cancel out of a menu. Its function varies at different times during scanner operation.

12. Home button — returns you to the scanner home display.

13. Scanner screen — a larger touch screen with color graphic display of scanner information and controls. The Play, Up, and Down functions are available using the scanner touch screen.

14. Close scanner cover by pressing here.